Presenter: Dr Valentino A. Pironti MSc (hons), PhD (Cantab), CPsychol, AFBPsS, Adult ADHD Expert.

Started on February the 22nd. Online Psychoeducation Group Seminar: Increasing your resilience, self-efficacy and self-worth by developing a strong insight into adult ADHD/ADD


This training comprising 7 one hour sessions has the aim to give you a clear INSIGHT and understanding of what ADHD/ADD is, where “it comes from” and how it affects your life in different domains, including work/school, social and family life and what tasks and situation will be particularly challenging for you due to ADHD/ADD syndrome. On the other hand, you will also develop knowledge on what tasks and situations will be particularly easy BECOUSE of ADHD/ADD.  Moreover, you will develop strong understanding and insight on what behaviours are actually due to the ADHD/ADD syndrome and what instead are personality traits.  Finally, you will understand the differences between ADHD vs ADD, the differences that you might see in males and females and what might be other mental health conditions that come with ADHD/ADD including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). .

Developing an insight into ADHD/ADD will give you a clear understanding of what to expect to cope with in terms of feelings, behaviours, and difficulties according to life situations and life domains. If you know in advance what are the struggles that you might need to face in certain situations, and if you know what are the strengths that ADHD/ADD also brings, then you can start to become more able to face the “rainy days” in an appropriate and functional way (resilience) and to develop a strong feeling of being able to face those rainy days in the future (self-efficacy). Hence, if you experience you overcoming struggles then your general sense of self (self-worth) will also improve. Resilience, self-efficacy and self-worth have been strongly linked to life success, life satisfaction and mental well-being.



1) Introduction on what ADHD/ADD is and where it comes from: the effect of genetics, and the environment. Some brief introduction on the ADHD/ADD brain. A brief introduction on resilience, self-efficacy and self –worth and how ADHD/ADD has a negative impact on them.

2) What the symptoms of ADHD/ADD are and how they manifest in real life including work/school, family and social life.

3) What behaviours, feelings emotions are due to ADHD/ADD and what instead stems from personality traits.

4) Differences between ADHD inattentive (ADD) and ADHD hyperactive/impulsive presentation. And some differences that you might see in males and females.

5) The Struggles that you will likely face due to having ADHD/ADD and what instead are the tasks that might be easy for you BECOUSE of ADHD/ADD. How this might have an effect on your academic/career choices.

6) How to measure symptoms severity and how severity and symptoms might vary according to life stressors and age.

7) ADHD/ADD and other mental health conditions that might co-occur, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and ASD. Course recap and what’s next.


Who should take this seminar?

If you have ADHD, might think to have ADHD, or have some ADHD “traits” then you should take this seminar. Moreover, if you have someone in your family who has any of the above, then you also should take this training course. If you are a clinician or mental health professional this seminar will also improve your knowledge on ADHD/ADD, however this is not a conference talk and therefore we will not use technical terms. If you would like to attend training sessions tailored to clinicians (with the possibility to receive CPD points, UK only), please let us know. (Training for clinicians is accredited through the London CPD office of the Federation of the Royal College of Physicians. For training tailored to General Practitioner the CPD accrediting body is the Royal College of General Practitioners).



£120 per person and includes:

  • 7 sessions (once a week) in the form of an interactive lecture with live Q&A at the end of the session.
  • All presentation materials (sent to you beforehand).
  • 20 minutes One to One support via video call at the end of the course (we will arrange an appointment for each of you).
  • Ongoing Email support (5 emails).
  • Lecture recordings.

Full refund is given until the 2nd session, no question asked.


How the seminar works

  • Sessions are given by video call, which can be accessed by computer with internet access; FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD (DIFFERENT TIME ZONES ARE FINE).
  • All sessions start live at 6.30pm GMT, ending around 7.30pm.
  • If you miss a session, you can listen to the recording made of each session.
  • For those overseas who cannot take the seminar due to the time zone, it’s easy to take the seminar by only listening to the recordings and ask any clarification via email or during your 20 minutes one to one support session.

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  • I started my journey with diagnosing possible adult ADHD in May 2017, having spent around 9 months struggling with various NHS departments I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I researched online and found a number of reviews and recommendations for the Cambridge Adult ADHD & ASD Clinic, including being listed in the AADD-UK list of specialists. From my very first interactions with the clinic my entire experience was elevated from that which I received with the NHS. Staff were quick to respond, took genuine interest in my queries and were helpful in providing advice. I was able to have an appointment within 2 weeks of initial contact and received my diagnosis shortly after. From 9 months of waiting to less than a month to get into a position where I could finally be helped. The assessment services were thorough and instilled me with confidence that I was in the right hands. My assessment and subsequent treatment has always felt tailored to my needs and requirements rather than following a pre-defined script. The care I have received throughout has restored my faith in good practitioners being available. I would highly recommend the services provided by Dr Pironti and his colleagues. J.B.
  • I was initially sceptical about approaching a private clinic but was reassured to find that Dr Pironti had worked in the Cambridge NHS service for several years and published research in peer-reviewed journals. I found Dr Pironti down to earth and understanding while clearly possessing genuine expertise in relation to ADHD. After completing and submitting the required paperwork my assessment via Skype was comprehensive and I appreciated the explanation of the process that was given once Dr Pironti had reached his conclusion. Follow up sessions to arrange medication and check my progress were conducted in a manner which was thorough yet remained light-hearted and personal. It was a great relief to be in the care of professionals with so much knowledge about ADHD and a passion to help patients to better understand and cope with it. I have been helped enormously by the Cambridge Adult ADHD Clinic and would whole-heartedly recommend them to others. A.C. Cambridge
  • “Dr Pironti and his team were recommended and from when I first called their office, I knew we were in good hands.  It was clear this clinic is focused on the clients well-being.  I initially called to discuss addiction issues and after a thorough conversation, it was suggested our son call the office personally.  They soon established there were other issues and our son agreed to meet with Dr Pironti to discuss his undiagnosed ADD. Dr Pironti is specialist in this area and was fantastic from the beginning.  We met this week and there was an immediate sense of ease and we were aware of thoughtfully directed questions, keeping us on track.  He explained where necessary, the workings of the brain and its impact on certain behaviours.  The meeting was invaluable and our son definitely took on board the necessary information to keep him aware of his good and bad decisions and their long term effects.  Dr Pironti was extremely knowledgeable and genuine, offering further contact, should our son have any difficulties or concerns, very comforting for a young person who might not always be willing to discuss their issues with parents.  He reminded our son that he is one of a larger family unit and to remain mindful of his actions, suggested in a careful and thoughtful manner.  Our son was relieved and happy to have had this meeting and came away saying that he understood himself better and tells us, he will put in a place a better regime, now knowing his areas of impulsivity.  We will book further consultations and feel extremely lucky to have come across this team of caring professionals within the field of therapy, an area we did not feel sure about.  We would absolutely recommend Dr Pironti and his team.” A.D. Cambridge
  • “Having spent some considerable time researching a clinician who fit criteria that involved qualifications, expertise, and location, I chose Cambridge Adult ADHD Clinic. My consultation was incredibly thorough, exacting and I had a full sense of confidence that whatever results would come to pass, they would reflect a robust examination. I felt Dr Pironti was emphatic, appropriately judicious in his collection of information and put my mind at ease that no conclusions would be reached before everything that he needed was examined. His knowledge sharing with me put me at ease, he was conversational, not at all patronizing or judgmental and having a long history of dealing with poor even frustrating communication from health practitioners, I was relieved and delighted that he was in fact the contrary. He seems to value patient dialogue and is both holistic in his approach as well as scientific, which I think puts him at a distinct advantage. At every stage, I was communicated with, the collection of information was robust and the entire experience from start to finish was not in fact stressful, but enlightening.  I most wholeheartedly endorse him and think anybody who has or thinks they may have ADHD symptoms would value time spent exploring this clinic.” JM, Jan 24, 2017